Design Sells…Good Design Sells Best!

In 1979 David T. Sands created the world’s first fine-art doormat. Next came the first ComfortMat and the first fine-art Directors Chair. In 1994 Dave produced the first fine-art flags, bringing style and design to homes across America.

Jill Sands has been the inspiration behind our designs. As a chairholder of The Color Marketing Group (CMG), the author of The Trend Forecaster newsletter and an avid shopper, Jill is the retailer’s “woman on the street.”

Over the last 31 years we have made many dear friends in the Specialty Retail industry and want to give back with a unique offer of exclusive designs and products. Each design is original and copyright protected.

jill and Dave

Jill and Dave Sands

Our design studio features artists with multiple talents and styles, from soft watercolors to dramatic gouaches to vibrant acrylics to fine oils. Each piece can be reformatted for specific uses.

Traditional painting techniques are combined with a full array of digital resources, including the use of vintage fabrics, hand-painted textures and layering to create our trademark depth and complexity in the finished designs.

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